Monday, April 11, 2011

Free Water at a Rave

Ever been to a rave and not wanted to pay for water? A few simple words will get you all the water you could want.
  • Find organiser, manager, bartender (if there is one)
  • Say you took a pill and are feeling dehydrated (symptoms of ecstasy which can be fatal)
  • No rave wants to be liable for the death of a party goer (or lose a customer) so they will provide all the water you could want
Be careful though because they organiser might call ambulance or cops due to dehydration from ecstasy/other uppers being very dangerous

Tip: Walmart Credit Card Machine

Have you ever been in line for the credit machine at Walmart and had to stand in front of an either really obnoxious, rude, horrible person? Here is a way to gain some satisfaction out of the expierience
  • Hold down all 4 corners of the credit card machine (reboots it)
  • Rebooting takes a hell of long time to cycle through and sometimes requires employee sign in
  • Forms a very aggravated (if not already by nature) customer which will ensure some satisfaction for having to deal with them

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Health Tips/Tricks

Here a few skills you should know which involve general health and well being.

  • Coconut Water is sterile, an extremely good hydration/sports drink, isotonic to human blood, and in emergency situations can be used as IV fluid
  • Cure to Brain Freeze: Pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth cures a brain freeze almost instantly
  • If you are about to sneeze, but its not happening fast enough, look into a very bright light and you will sneeze
  • See in the Dark: If you wake up at night to do something, cover one eye and leave it in darkness. The covered eye has retained ability to see well in the dark so when you turn your lights after you're done, you can easily maneuver in the dark.

Important Skill: Saving Money through Apple

Want to buy anything from Apple on their website with an easy 15-20% discount?
  • Log in/create an account
  • Go to the configurator
  • Pick out what you want
  • go to checkout
  • Don't do anything else for 7-10 days
  • You should receive a call from Apple offering a deal if you buy then and there

Amazing prices from any Auto-Dealership

If you are deciding to buy a car, and want the best deal that you could possibly get from a dealership, follow these instructions.
  • Once the desired car is chosen, go inside the building and see the salesman's offer.
  • Once seeing the offer, tell the salesman that you are going to another dealership (preferably same size or bigger) to see if you can get a better price
  • The next offer will likely be unbeatable, but you should follow through with what you said just to be safe
  • Compare both dealerships and enjoy an amazing deal on your desired car

Airplane Tips

Whenever you are at the airport, go up to the counter and ask to be bumped (if you can afford the time). Ask if they need anyone to bump, and if they do, volunteer. Usually for every bump you do, you will be compensated for it, for example you might get the flight free or be upgraded to first on a later flight.

Advice from a Cop

I found this little gem of info online and thought that it might help you if you land in this situation. Whenever you have any type of emergency in your house, such as a burglar/robbery, run out of the house and yell "FIRE!" instead of just "help" because people are more responsive to "fire" than "help".

Locked Door Ahead

Need to make it through a lock while keeping the gate, door, etc intact? Here is a quick informational pic showing how to do it with just a pin and tumbler.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Handy Body Language

A useful skill to know is the skill of reading another's body language; here are a few tips/tricks
  • A person with their feet pointing his/her foot at you is paying attention (usually)
  • People grab their chins and look up to their right when they are thinking/making decisions
  • In a sitting situation, sitting across a corner, or at a 90 degree angle to them, will make people more agreeable and receptive to each others ideas than if you sit straight across from them
  • People who hide their palms might be lying, though introverted people also do this
  • Quick pupil contractions might show signs of a liar
  • Someone who turns their body away or cannot look you in the eye might be showing guilt or dishonesty
  • Pointing at an object with palm open other than with one finger is subconsciously deemed more polite and seems more in the natural order of things by people and thus makes it easier to get them to do what you want (ex: having someone pick up a magazine for you)

Wash the Lid

You might drink from soda cans or beer cans on occasion or quite frequently, but what you probably don't know is the conditions in which the cans are handled and manufactured in. Think of most of the workers at these can-producing plants, being of minimum wage and/or on the lower economic spectrum, might make for some very unsanitary hands touching the lid that you might be drinking from. A way to keep yourself clean and reduce the chance of catching an illness, wash the lid of the can before you drink from it.

Moving Onward: Free Food from Wendy's

As i continue with the poppy growing, we move on to what i like to call "Free Food from Wendy's"
Not known to many, a rule at Wendy's is that if someone pulls through the drive-thru saying that they are not used to the area, from around the area, or have no money, Wendy's Compensates with FREE FOOD.

An easy way to potentially abuse this rule just requires one to say any of the excuses above though it might be needed at some Wendy's to have proof of not being from the area.

First Off: Planting and Growing

Growing is a very productive, useful, and rewarding skill (both mentally, and monetarily) as there are many plants which can feed you, or add zest to your housing/living area. Also some plants can rake in quite a profit.
In my next few posts i will show you how to grow in no time at all with minimal effort through my own project with growing poppies.

Skills Pay The Bills

As a start, knowing basic skills and tricks will help you make more money and keep you happy. This blog ranges from useful business skills to everyday skills, to even survival and everything in between.