Saturday, April 9, 2011

Handy Body Language

A useful skill to know is the skill of reading another's body language; here are a few tips/tricks
  • A person with their feet pointing his/her foot at you is paying attention (usually)
  • People grab their chins and look up to their right when they are thinking/making decisions
  • In a sitting situation, sitting across a corner, or at a 90 degree angle to them, will make people more agreeable and receptive to each others ideas than if you sit straight across from them
  • People who hide their palms might be lying, though introverted people also do this
  • Quick pupil contractions might show signs of a liar
  • Someone who turns their body away or cannot look you in the eye might be showing guilt or dishonesty
  • Pointing at an object with palm open other than with one finger is subconsciously deemed more polite and seems more in the natural order of things by people and thus makes it easier to get them to do what you want (ex: having someone pick up a magazine for you)

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